Storekeeper Needed. Awesome Payment Involved.

A manufacturing company employ a worker for careful storing and safeguarding materials in a store who is called storekeeper. A storekeeper is a person who is the head of stores and who is given the responsibility of store management. Storekeeper is responsible for storing and safeguarding the materials and supplies in proper place until they are required for production activities. A storekeeper should be well-experienced, well-trained, honest and familiar with the tricks of store-keeping.

The purpose of the employee is to supervise the staff and storekeeping operations for the area of responsibility. The employee is responsible for staff supervision, inventory, storage facility, data entry, training, policy, and reporting. The employee works within a general outline of work to be performed; develops work methods and sequences under general supervision.

Job Overview and Responsibilities

*  Performs work generally recognized as Storekeeper’s work in storeroom areas located in maintenance bases and line operations including receiving, issuing, provisioning, checking, classifying, inventorying and storing of supplies, equipment, parts and materials.
*  Opening, packaging and sealing of boxes and crates
*  Performance of duties, will include climb & work from ladders, bend & stoop in confined areas and stand and/or walk for extended periods of time
*  Fueling assigned vehicles
*  Transporting parts and materials between various locations, sorting and counting items and preparing labels and related ticketing documents
*  Reading and interpreting documents or instructions to build kits for use in aircraft change orders, first aid, in-flight and charter services
*  Responsibility for maintaining an orderly and safe work area and maintaining familiarity with operating procedures, general rules and regulations
*  Operating a variety of equipment with manual and automatic transmissions including forklifts, trucks, tractors, tugs, and electric carts
*  Working with hand tools, such as remote computer terminal sets, bag sealers, saws, mobile radios, shears, knives and staplers
*  Converting units of weights and measurements


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