It can be really frustrating and overwhelming to get a Green card which is why we would like to look at the steps to obtaining your Green card in easy terms.

What is Meant by a Green Card?

It is pertinent to understand what is meant by a Green card before we continue

A green card otherwise called a “permanent residence card”. When you have this card, it simply means you are free to work and live in the United States permanently without any hindrances. 

Below are some of the ways by which you can get a US Green Card

1. Family Sponsor

This is one of the most popular and the fastest way to get a Green card. If you have a closed relative be it your parent, or spouse who possess a US citizenship can help you petition for a green card.

How it Works

* Filling of USCIS Form I-130 by the sponsor

* The sponsor makes payment for application and registration fee to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services

2. Job/Employment

In this category, your employer helps to petition for Green card, however you can also earn a Green card provided you invest enough money into U.S businesses or have an extraordinary ability. Priorities are also given to some job positions which include senior executives, researchers, resounding professors, etc.

How it Works

* Your employer fill USCIS I-140 form for you

* Pays for the application and registration fee

* Receives payment receipt and await the decision of the Immigration Agencies

3. Through Lottery

You can also earn a green card through lottery. This is so far one of the best known ways by which people earn green card in the United States. It is usually open to those whose have lower immigration rates


How it Works

* Visit to register online

* A confirmation number will be sent to you. Ensure that it’s kept safe as it would required to check for the result.

* If you’re lucky to be selected, you can then apply for immigrant visa.

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