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Dubai is the most populous and largest city in UAE. It is a global city and considered to be the heart of business in the Middle East. It is by far more attractive to work in Dubai compared to other Western Countries due to the high remuneration/wages earned by its workers and due to its low taxation policy.

Dubai is said to follow a no personal taxation policy which makes the net income of her workers higher compared to other Western Countries, thus Working in Dubai is like a dream come true for many individual.

Remuneration packages in Dubai is great and are classified as thus; Basic Salary, Housing Allowance, Medical Allowance, Children’s Education Allowance, and others.

There is an ongoing multiple career recruitment going on in Dubai into the following professions;

Project coordinator, Purchasing Assistant (Junior role), Cake Decorator, Security Architect, Business Developer, Administrative Assistant,             Account Manager, Planning Assistant, Quality Assurance Specialist, Business Consultant, Accountant, Engineers, Medical Practictioners, Hotel Staffs, Customer Support, Sales Representative, Vendor Manager, Software Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, and lots more

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